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Bed Bug Treatment Service

bed bugsIf you have identified or you suspect that you have bed bugs in your home or business we are able to eliminate them for you. City Express Pest Technicians will inspect, clean, and remove the bugs from the affected areas. To determine if you have an infestation, the inspection will begin in the bedrooms. This includes examining mattresses, box springs, bed frames or any other relative areas. Although bed bugs are most commonly found in areas that you sleep they can also be found anywhere people gather. If you travel, checking luggage is also important and observing where you keep it stored too.

Bed bug infestation provides the physical evidence of dark red stains or smears left on mattresses and in nearby areas. The staining is composed of digested blood from feeding. It is also important to note, that bed bugs can survive a year without feeding. Excrement can leave dark residue and bleed on the fabric the way a marker would. In more severe cases, the accumulation of bugs, cast skins, and fecal spots will be evident upon close inspection. It is best advised that if a bed bug is found, discontinue inspection alone because once disturbed they will move from their original hiding places to find new ones.

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Canine Inspection Requirement

Please notify the Canine Handler if any prior pesticides has been applied.**

Our Inspection Requirements to determine if your home or apartment has bed bugs are simple!

  1. Turn off any air conditioning, fans and close windows at least one hour prior to the inspection.
  2. If you have a pet, remove them and their food temporarily during the inspection. A good place might be the bathroom.
  3. Remove as much clutter and visible food items from the living areas before the inspection providing the handler and canine enough room to perform the inspection.
  4. Vacuum all floors to remove any food items and other debris from the floor.
  5. Turn off or mute all radios and TV’s from the rooms prior to the inspection.
  6. In order for the canine member to be completely focused on your inspection, you will be asked to leave the inspection temporarily until performed.

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