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Identifying Wildlife

Wildlife presents potential hazards to humans. These hazards can include injuries, potential falls, exposure to wildlife diseases, and bites. The following examples are wildlife that is present in the local NYC area:

Identifying Opossums:
These pests are a light gray coloring with a long tail ,about half of their full body length. Opossums prefer to establish themselves in existing structures like garages, under buildings, and inside burrows. The opossum is not so picky with food consuming whatever it finds such as grass, insects, birds, fruit, or anything.

Signs of infestation:
Opossums are often food in garbage cans seeking food , attics , and on lawns. They are known for damaging lawns because of their abilities to dig for grubs.

Pocket Gophers

Identifying Pocket gophers
Pocket gophers are medium sized rodents that vary in length from 15-35 cm in length. Their fur is either black or brown sometimes even white. Pocket gophers have short necks and large claws on their front paws. These pests feed on a variety of plants and grasses.
Signs of infestations:
Pocket gophers perform burrowing activity and this sign indicates their intrusion .

Identifying Rabbits:
Rabbits are familiar to humans and the most common in the area is the cottontail. Although, they do not invade homes they can intrude in gardens damaging vegetation. Most species of rabbits live in burrows and few make homes above ground. Areas with piles of debris, thick vegetation are places to seek them.
Signs of infestations:
Rabbits leave pellets behind wherever they are present. Additionally, examining vegetation and the garden for stripping can allow to determine whether a rabbit has been present or not.

Identifying Raccoons
Raccoons are identified by their black mask with a ringed tail .These pests range in size of length from 61-91 cm. These creatures are known for curious nature especially when it comes to garbage cans. Raccoons prefer to inhabit trees and logs near lakes and streams. In areas like NYC, they have become a nuisance in their search for food and shelter.

Signs of Infestation:
The overturning of trash cans , partially eaten garden vegetation, or damaged property are a clear indication of this pest.

Identifying Skunks:
There are two popular types of skunks: the striped skunk and the spotted skunk. Skunks are carnivorous, feeding on rodents and considered harmful to humans, rats, mice and other relatively smaller mammals. These skunks range in size and appearance that depend on species and are typically black with white stripes ranging in size from 60-70cm long.
Signs of infestation:
Skunks are acknowledged for their defense mechanism as a reputation. This allows to easily recognize and avoid them. Additionally, like other pests from wildlife they dig furrows in the ground and tear open garbage cans.

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