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Identifying Weevils:

Weevils are beetles that belong to the Curculionidae family. The weevil species range in colors and body shapes. Typically, weevils are oval –shaped insects that can range in sizes of 3 mm to 12 mm of length. According to scientists, the most distinctive characteristic of weevils is the shape of their heads. Matured weevils have an elongated head that forms a snout and other weevils have snouts as long as their bodies. Many weevils are stout and sturdy in appearance with robot like movements.

The following are the most common types of weevils in the NYC area:

Boll Weevils: a beetle that causes damage to cotton crops from feeding on the buds of the plant . This insect can measure up to 8mm in length.

Flour Weevils: Like their name these beetles are wherever flour is accessible due to their inability to feed on whole grains. However, these beetles are not technically weevils.

Rice Weevils: Rice weevils measure approximately 4 mm in length and are a reddish brown in color. When these pests invade they compromise food supply for humans.

Bean Weevils: Bean weevils are hairy and rounded shaped in the form of a teardrop. These species of weevils do not possess the snout of the average weevil.
Granary Weevils: Granary weevils are brown and measure on average 5mm in length. In appearance, they closely resemble rice weevils except there is no spotting on their wings. These pests are prone to causing severe damage to agriculture.

Black Vine Weevils: These species of weevils are rounded shaped and covered in tiny hairs. On average, they can measure about to 12mm long.Black vine weevils are known to attack plants, trees, shrubs and herbs.

Rose Weevils: Rose Weevils destroy flowers because of its ability to drill through flower buds.

White Pine Weevils: As indicated by their name these pests target White Pine trees . They measure from 6 to 7mm in length and feature brown and white scales along their wings. A sign of infestation by these pests are the feeding punctures left on tree bark.

Cowpea Weevils: The cowpea weevil measures in length about 2 - 5 mm long. They are a brown coloring with black markings on the wing covers. The wing covers do not cover the entire abdomen .If an infestation has occurred mature weevils will be found at the windows and beans with holes also serve as an indication.

Signs of infestation:

If weevils find an opening they will invade the home. This will lead to only find hundreds of insects crawling against the walls and furniture of your home. It is important to inspect your home for cracks, openings, and damaged weather stripping. Additionally, checking attic vents for torn screens as these signs can indicate an infestation from these pests.

Some weevil species feed on stored food products. These weevils can be found in packages of beans, nuts, and fruit including apples and pears. In this matter, weevils can be brought home inside of food packages. Therefore, examining food packages that may be torn or ripped is another indication.

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