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Signs of Tick infestation:

Tick infestations can occur at home as a result from being found on your body or on your pet. Ticks require blood from people or animals to survive, therefore, if ticks are home they will attach themselves to you or members of your family and pets. They can be found in the armpits or scalp of a person but notably their bite is painless.
After being outside in an area prone to ticks, you should always check your body. You should examine for any brown or black spots. Remember that ticks range and vary in size. Additionally, a way to tell if there are ticks in your home is if you develop a tick-borne illness. The following are common symptoms: fever/chills, body aches/pains, headache, fatigue and a rash.

Ticks nymphs or immature ticks on average are about the size of a poppy seed. There are different species of ticks and so the range in size and color varies by species.

Species of ticks:
Deer Ticks
Brown Dog Ticks
Lone Star Ticks
Moose Tick
Seed Ticks
Soft Ticks
Wood Tick or American Dog Tick

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