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Identifying Flies:

The house fly is associated with over a list of dozens of pathogens that include Salmonella and E. coli among the many. The following are some of the common species of flies:

Blow fly: Blow flies appear metallic with feathery hairs on antennal segments . Also known as maggots, they measure about 9 - 22mm in length. They are attracted to decaying meat and are the first organisms to come in contact with dead organisms.

Bottle fly: Bottle flies are large flies with a metallic blue or green color.

Drain fly:
A drain fly on average can measure about 1.5 - 5 mm with a light gray or tan body and light colored wings . Mature drain flies are most active at night and unlike most flies, do not transmit human diseases. These pests can be found on kitchen or basement walls if they have infested the home.

Fruit fly:
Fruit flies vary in size but on average are from 3 to 4mm in length, have a tan thorax , and have red or dark eyes. Signs of an infestation of fruit flies would be activity from the mature fly or the pupae. Mature fruit flies are often seen flying around in kitchens or trash cans near the decaying fruit or vegetables.

Gnats are the smallest in the species of flies. Depending on species, gnats can be biting or non biting and will feed on plants, other insects or blood. Again, the only way to recognize an infestation by gnats is their physical presence .

House Fly:
House flies are typically a gray coloring. They measure on average about 4-7.5 mm long with stripes on the thorax. These pests prefer corners and edges to rest on.

Phorid-Humpbacked Flies:
Phorid - Humpbacked flies are black , dull brown , or dark blue and some are a yellow like coloring. In size, they can range from 0.5 -5.5 mm. Physically, these insects resemble the common fruit fly.

Signs of infestation:

The most common signs of flies are either the adults themselves or presence of their larvae. The adults can be found buzzing around potential food or odor sources.

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