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Identifying Birds:

Birds target areas to nest and reproduce provided with access to food and shelter. These pests cause damage and contaminate products leading to the transmitting of diseases. Additionally, bird droppings are problematic as it ruins buildings and creates unsanitary conditions.

Most common Bird problems in the NYC area:

House (English Sparrows)
Adult sparrows range in size from 5.75-6.25 inches with thick bills. They are brown with black streaks and their tails are short. Adult males have a black, a v-shaped bib on the breast whereas; females have a dull gray with light streak behind the eye. The house sparrow is commonly mistaken with other brown birds.

House sparrows consume grains in fields feeding in large numbers over a small area. Sparrows damage crops by pecking seeds, seedlings, and maturing fruit. By living in close association with human beings they are a prime transporter of diseases such as tuberculosis, various encephalitis viruses, vibriosis, and yersiniosis. These birds compete with native species for their preferred nesting sites destroying and killing bluebirds and martins.

Pigeons (Rock Doves)
Pigeons are a common urban pest. They are generally blue or gray in color covered in feathers on the head and neck. The standard pigeon is characterized by its short neck, small head, short legs and hind toes that allow walking on flat surfaces. These pests make homes to flat areas away from the ground such as building ledges, air conditioning units, etc.

Pigeon control is important due to the transmitting of diseases they cause. Their uric acid in pigeon feces cause extensive damage to metals and can even backup gutters and drains causing flooding or room damage.

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