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While we are proud to serve homeowners and renters alike as we battle bugs for clean homes, we are also happy to provide this same dedicated service to businesses. After all, pests don’t only choose to live in people’s homes; they can show up anywhere there is ample food and shelter for them to thrive upon. Oftentimes, pests in commercial buildings may go unnoticed because of the size of the buildings, or because employees don’t put the same kind of care into maintaining an office building as they would to their own homes. City Express Exterminating, however, does put that same care into its work, and we are 101% capable of exterminating pests in any environment!

First, our highly trained and licensed professionals will perform an assessment of the premises. This is done not only to makes sure of the magnitude of the infestation, but also to figure out the safest and most efficient method of resolving the problem. We realize that it is extremely important to use a non hazardous method of controlling pests because commercial properties are usually open to many people. Because people are our number one priority, we work hard to use products and techniques that do the least harm to the environment. Our assessment will allow us to pick a solution that best suits the problem at hand, ensuring that the job is done completely with little to no inconvenience to our customers.

The spectrum of a commercial property is much more far-reaching than that of a residence. Our commercial services range from office buildings to warehouses to parks to restaurants. With many different locations come the potential for many different pests, and we are likewise armed with many different tools to combat this. We proudly practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which is a doctrine that responsible pest control companies follow. IPM dictates acceptable levels of chemicals and also outlines standards for environmental protection. In accordance with IPM, we only use chemicals if there is no other option for eradicating the pest problem. We also institute prevention methods in which, instead of irresponsibly killing off animal pest populations, we use methods to control their habitat and ensure that they live healthily, but away from humans.

Also due to the many different buildings that we treat, we create a customized plan of action during our assessment. Each building is unique, each type of pest has its own methods of extermination and prevention, and each infestation has differing levels of magnitude. Instead of trying to fight fire with fire, we individualize pest control techniques to fit your specific needs.

City Express is able to take care of virtually any pest problem; from the small insects—ants, termites, bedbugs, wasps, to small animals such as rodents, rats, and squirrels . Working throughout the boroughs of New York City, we are also able to contain and control pigeon outbreaks, which can help any commercial building look pristine and new. For each of these unique and equally annoying pests, we have specialized plans to first control them and rid them from the building and then taking steps to prevent their return.

With so many unique challenges all throughout the city that never sleeps, we are always excited to tackle our next big project. City Express pays extra attention to detail by carefully surveying every building and by recording sighting logs to help us more accurately and efficiently control any pest problem. With the future of your business at risk, don’t wait another day to have your commercial building assessed, treated, and protected by the professionals at City Express Exterminating.



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